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If you're tired of constantly procrastinating on becoming who you want to be, it's time to try a neuroscience-based method that actually works. 


Like anyone, you have hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations.

But oftentimes, simple habits - especially bad habits, like procrastination - can get in the way.

In fact, in a recent poll of over 500 self-improvement enthusiasts, 79% of respondents told us that procrastination impacted their lives "moderately" or more:
And as you might imagine, this procrastination resulted in a lot of very nasty consequences:
  • Missed opportunities - personal & professional
  • Stress, anxiety, and frustration
  • Low quality work
  • ​Unfulfilled goals
  • ​Inability to complete or finish things
  • Feeling like a failure
  • Being stuck behind everyone else
  • Missing important deadlines
  • ​Never achieving what you hope to
  • ​Wasted time - hours, days, months, or years...
All in all, it's a pretty grim picture - a picture of stressed-out people leading unfulfilled lives.
So Why Do We Do It? And Why Can't We Stop?
We know procrastination only hurts us - both in the short term and in in the future...

...and yet, no matter how hard we try, the vast majority of us can never seem to "beat it" once and for all.

Surely, there has to be a better way?

A way based on proven neuroscience and behavioral psychology that actually works.

Finally, there is. And I'm here to tell you all about it. 

Hi, I'm Dimitris Gkiokas…

...and I’ll never forget the day I started hating myself.

It was 2012.

But I didn’t know what day it was. I didn’t know what time it was. 

Heck, I didn’t even know if it was daylight outside. 

All I knew was that for the last 36 hours of my life, I'd been playing World of Warcraft
Dimitris Gkiokas Photo
Yes, some part of me loved the game...

But a bigger part of me knew how much of my potential I was wasting. 

Every day, I'd wake up, game for 16+ hours straight, and then go to sleep. 
It seemed like there was no area of my life that procrastination hadn't touched...

After neglecting exercise for 3 years, I'd gained more than 45 lbs (20kg). 

Plus, with so much of my time being wasted, you can just imagine the impact on my relationships.

Not to mention, I was pretty much flunking out of school. 

In short, I came out of my trance to find every piece of my life in shambles.

At first, I thought that it was because of my gaming addiction. 

But in reality, it was a much worse problem that was controlling my life... 


But We're Not So Different, You and I...
Sure, you've probably never forgotten to eat for days on end because of addictive procrastination.

Maybe, you just consider it a "casual" procrastination habit when you...
  • Check social media multiple times a day
  • Watch TV, YouTube, or Netflix
  • Surf the internet for hours on end
  • Play video games
  • Work on silly, unimportant tasks instead
  • Eat, clean, or do other "busywork"
...But I want you to ask yourself - honestly: is a way to dominate your procrastination

"How much of my time, energy, & effort are wasted doing everything except what I should be?"

Chances are, the truth will surprise you.

(Assuming, of course, you're willing to face it).

And whether you're a "waste about half of my workday" type of procrastinator...

...a "leave it to the last minute" type...

...or a full-blown "neglected even the important things in life" type...

I want you to know:There is a way to dominate your procrastination


8 years ago, I couldn't have even imagined where I'd be today:
  • Co-host of the #1 ranked self-improvement podcast in Greek
  • Founder of 3 businesses
  • COO of SuperHuman Academy®, a 7-figure media company by Jonathan Levi
So... what changed?

It took me over a decade... But...

After I hit rock-bottom, I tried everything.

I read books. 

I listened to podcasts. 

Heck, at one point, I even compulsively tracked every minute of my day... just to try to make sense of what was going on... 

And you know what I realized? 
95% of the advice out there is wrong.
Dead wrong.

For example, how often have you heard these things? 
  • You can beat procrastination with simple tricks like the Pomodoro technique
  • You just need to work on your "discipline" or "willpower"
  • Just make a to-do list and a calendar - that'll keep you on track
Well, if you're reading this page, I don't think I have to tell you:

None of that $#!^ actually works.

So after awhile, I began to lose hope. 

But then, through years of trial and error:



You see:

The biggest mistake procrastinators make is thinking they can "beat" or "get rid of" procrastination.

But that’s just NOT realistic. 

This is because procrastination is a normal, natural behavior - a symptom, not a disease. 

So if you’re trying to “eliminate” procrastination, you’re fighting a battle you can’t win

Almost like if you were trying to cure someone's obesity by "eliminating" their hunger...

In reality, the solution is much simpler:
Instead Of Fighting Procrastination, I Learned To Manage It... To Channel It To My Benefit
This idea had never occurred to me before.

But then I started to take it seriously... 

I began studying my procrastination. Predicting it before it happened.

I even began to use my procrastination to help me finish all the things I never had time for before.

And for the first time in my life, it actually worked.
  • I was finally able to complete important projects, from learning to work
  • ​I suddenly was able to achieve the goals I set for myself
  • ​My stress and anxiety evaporated into thin air
  • ​I stopped feeling constantly behind - and I stopped feeling like a failure
  • I started getting better results at work, in my hobbies, and in my personal life
  • I finally felt in control... and I started doing the things I wanted to do
All in all, the changes to my life (and my confidence) were night and day.

Looking back, I just wish that this information had been available to me when I was at my lowest.

But, with this newfound understanding, I knew what I had to do:

“Dominate Your Procrastination”

The program that helps you rewrite your habits and gain back control...

...without relying on "motivation" or "discipline..."

... so you can actually achieve your goals and dreams

In just a few weeks, you will go from self-hatred to getting on track so that you can...
  • Finally complete the projects you start...
  • ​Increase your confidence and self-esteem...
  • ​Reduce your stress and anxiety...
  • ​Gain back control of your life...
  • ​Create financial security...
  • ​Improve your relationships....
  • ​Learn anything you are passionate about...
In other words:

This is the course I wish I had during my endless struggles with procrastination!

My 5-Step Process Will Help You Transform Your Relationship To Procrastination & GET THINGS DONE

Now you might be wondering...

"I've never heard of this guy.. is this course any good?"

That's a great question.

Fortunately, over the last 3 years, I've worked closely alongside online learning expert and course creator, Jonathan Levi.
Dominate Your Procrastination was written and produced under the direct supervision of Jonathan Levi and the SuperHuman Academy® Team.

Jonathan is considered one of the top experts on learning, memory, and online education.

In fact, he can lay claim to something that most people in the world of online education only dream of:

His online courses have been enjoyed by over 275,000 people worldwide.

What's more, as an expert in learning and memory, Jonathan knows what it takes to get students results.

With a background like that, you can imagine why I chose to partner with Jonathan in developing and producing this exclusive MasterClass.

SO, Here’s What You’ll Learn In

Dominate Your Procrastination

To actually achieve all these results, in “Dominate Your Procrastination” you will learn:
  • The 3 Different Types of Procrastinators and Why Knowing Them Can Make The Difference Between Success and Failure
  • Your Biggest Misconceptions Around Procrastination That Are Holding You Back
  • ​The True Causes Of Procrastination That Control Your Life
  • ​How to Develop Your Awareness and Stop Procrastination In Its Tracks
  • ​The “Secret Sauce” To Generating Limitless Motivation In Your Life
  • How Understanding Your “Procrastination Cues” Can Help You Prevent Procrastination From Ever Beginning
  • ​Why “Mini Habits” Are The Key To Making The Most Intimidating Projects Seem Easy
  • ​What “Productive Procrastination” Is... And How To Use It To Your Advantage
  • ​Why Identity Shifts Are Critical To Managing Procrastination... And How To Leverage Surprisingly Small Actions To Do It
... and much much more.

But that’s just the video content. 

Of course, this course is heavy on implementation and application:

Dominate Your Procrastination


We know how important it is for you to win this time - so we're invested in your success.

For that reason, we've done as much as we possibly can to eliminate any potential roadblocks
We've created worksheets, quizzes, and checklists that will make your success nearly effortless.

Each of these worksheets breaks down one of the most important strategies of the course and shows you, step-by-step, how to use them. 



We know how important community is if you want to ensure success.

For that reason, by enrolling in the course, you’ll get access to a private Facebook group, where you’ll be able to communicate with other recovering procrastinators, and with me...
This is where we will all work together in staying accountable to each other...

... and in making sure that you will take action with what you are learning in the program!


WITH ME (60 Min)


While slots are still available (which they won't be for long), I am offering you an exclusive, one-on-one, coaching call with me!

That means that we will get to work together on getting you results on dominating your procrastination!

We will quickly identify your biggest pain points when it comes to your procrastination…

And we’ll figure out a plan for you to translate what you learn into action

..So that YOU get results as fast as possible! 



Plain and simple, I know this method works… 

I know it because I developed it after years of struggling and of trial and error, on the exact topic of procrastination… 

So, if you follow the system that I have outlined for you, you will achieve success


But, I know there are a few of you who are still “on the fence,” and need an extra push to get started. 

So here are the details on our guarantee: 

For 14 days after your purchase, you can send us an email for a full refund. 

No questions asked. 

Now, are you ready to take action? 



  • Lifetime Access to The Dominate Your Procrastination MasterClass ($997 Value)
  • Bonus: Step-by-step Worksheets, Quizzes, & Checklists ($297 Value)
  • ​Bonus: Access to a Private Facebook Community ($297 Value)
  • ​Bonus: One Free Coaching Call With Me (60 Min) ($297 Value)
  • ​A life where your procrastination is finally under control (Priceless)
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